Karnataka AHVS Recruitment 2017 Application Form 550 Posts

  1. “Law is the command of the sovereign.” It was said by—
    (A) H. J. Laski
    (B) W. Austin
    (C) J. Bentham
    (D) T. Acquinas
    Ans : (B)102. Hobbes has been called an individualist because—
    (A) he permits Natural Rights to the individual
    (B) he allows Right to Revolt against the sovereign
    (C) his Monarch has been given absolute powers by the people
    (D) his entire philosophy focuses on the security of the individual in the state
    Ans : (D)

    103. According to Rousseau the State of Nature has to be terminated because—
    (A) Human nature was wicked
    (B) Natural rights were in danger
    (C) Art and culture were to be preserved
    (D) Inequality created the institution of property
    Ans : (D)

    104. According to Karl Marx, State—
    (A) is a result of surplus value
    (B) is a permanent agency of exploitation of the poor
    (C) is a class organisation which was to wither away
    (D) is a product of social contract between rich and powerful
    Ans : (C)

    105. Which one of the following is a Liberal thinker ?
    (A) J. S. Mill
    (B) Thomas Moore
    (C) George Sorel
    (D) A. R. Orage
    Ans : (A)

    106. A welfare state is a/an—
    (A) democratic state
    (B) socialist state
    (C) secular state
    (D) administrative state
    Ans : (A)

    107. “Socialism is like a hat which has lost its shape because everybody wears it.” Who said this ?
    (A) Charles Fourier
    (B) Proudhoun
    (C) C.E.M. Joad
    (D) Alexander Gray
    Ans : (C)

    108. Guild Socialism is a half way house between—
    (A) Democracy and Socialism
    (B) Socialism and Marxism
    (C) Collectivism and Syndicalism
    (D) Marxism and State Socialism
    Ans : (C)

    109. A socialist state believes in giving—
    (A) maximum functions to the State
    (B) minimum functions to the State
    (C) negative functions to the State
    (D) no functions to the State
    Ans : (A)

    110. Proportional representation is also called as—
    (A) MacDonald method
    (B) Hare plan
    (C) Single voting
    (D) List system
    Ans : (B)

    111. Who was the author of ‘Arthashastra’ ?
    (A) Kautilya
    (B) Adam Smith
    (C) Patanjali
    (D) Malthus
    Ans : (A)

    112. Socialism as a political philosophy is not opposed to—
    (A) Capitalism
    (B) Feudalism
    (C) Social engineering
    (D) Competition
    Ans : (C)

    113. Fabian socialists believe in—
    (A) inevitability of gradualness
    (B) non-violence for social status quo
    (C) revolutionary reforms
    (D) minimum consumption
    Ans : (A)

    114. A democratic form of government can be contrasted from a totalitarian form of government on the basis of—
    (A) Constitutionalism
    (B) Electoral system
    (C) Rule of Law
    (D) Opposition parties
    Ans : (C)

    115. Minorities and special interests can be best represented on democratic bodies by a system of—
    (A) plural voting
    (B) professional representation
    (C) proportional representation
    (D) separate electorates
    Ans : (C)

    116. The book entitled ‘Grammar of Politics’ was written by—
    (A) E. Barker
    (B) H. Laski
    (C) H. Lasswell
    (D) A. Appodari
    Ans : (B)

    117. Mr. H. G. Sorel was a—
    (A) Guild socialist
    (B) Syndicalist
    (C) Fabian socialist
    (D) Utopian socialist
    Ans : (B)

    118. “Nothing against the state, nothing beyond the state, everything within the state” was the political philosophy of—
    (A) Hegel
    (B) Marx
    (C) Mussolini
    (D) Mao
    Ans : (A)

    119. Marxism and Fascism agree about—
    (A) the nature of state
    (B) the role of religion
    (C) the utility of wars
    (D) the totalitarian character of government
    Ans : (D)

    120. The socialists consider the state as—
    (A) a necessary evil
    (B) an unnecessary evil
    (C) a divine institution
    (D) a positive good
    Ans : (D)

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