Coal India Limited Recruitment 2017 – 1319 Management Trainees Vacancy

181. The Himalayas run in an eastwest arcuate curve for about—
(A) 2000 km
(B) 2500 km
(C) 3000 km
(D) 4000 km
Ans : (B)

182. Second Five-Year Plan was completed on—
(A) 31.3.1961
(B) 15.6.1961
(C) 20.8.1962
(D) 29.9.1962
Ans : (A)

183. All the colours on a TV screen are produced from—
(A) Red, Blue, Green
(B) Red, Violet, Green
(C) Blue, Violet, Yellow
(D) Blue, Green, Yellow
Ans : (A)

184. Who does finalise budget ?
(A) Board of Directors
(B) Management Accountant
(C) Finance Manager
(D) Budget Committee
Ans : (D)

185. In the Central budget estimate (2007-08) the largest item of nonplan expenditure on revenue account is—
(A) Defence
(B) Subsidies
(C) Interest payments
(D) Pensions
Ans : (C)

186. Inventory carrying costs include the following :
(A) Spoilage and desolescence
(B) Abrehousing, insurance and tax
(C) Opportunity cost
(D) All of the above
Ans : (C)

187. IC chips for computers are usually made of—
(A) Lead
(B) Chromium
(C) Copper
(D) Silicon
Ans : (D)

188. The Jammu-Srinagar road follows …… Pass.
(A) Banihal
(B) Shipkila
(C) Pir Panjal
(D) Zemu
Ans : (C)

189. Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
(A) The Comptroller and Auditor General controls all disbursements and audits the accounts of both the Union and State Governments
(B) He annually submits a report to the President relating to the accounts of the Union
(C) The annual report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is considered by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament
(D) No money by the Union and State Governments can be spent without prior approval of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Ans : (D)

190. The Preamble was amended by the—
(A) 25th Amendment
(B) 37th Amendment
(C) 73rd Amendment
(D) 42nd Amendment
Ans : (D)

191. Bibi-Ka-Maqbara is located at—
(A) Agra
(B) Delhi
(C) Aurangabad
(D) Ajmer
Ans : (C)

192. The Himalayan rivers are typical example of …… drainage.
(A) antecedent
(B) subsequent
(C) consequent
(D) obsequent
Ans : (A)

193. Medical insurance premium is deductible—
(A) If the premium is paid in cash out of income chargeable to tax
(B) If the premium is paid by cheque out of income chargeable to tax
(C) If the premium is deposited to Life Insurance Corporation
(D) If the premium is paid for insurance of the life of a senior citizen only
Ans : (B)

194. Budget is known as—
(A) Financial Statement
(B) Annual Budget
(C) Financial Statement of the year
(D) It has no other name
Ans : (C)

195. ‘Golden Globe’ Award is associated with—
(A) Literature
(B) Music
(C) Sports
(D) Cinema
Ans : (D)

196. Tipam sandstones are found in—
(A) Kashmir
(B) U. P.
(C) Uttarakhand
(D) Assam
Ans : (D)

197. The Constitution of India recognises—
(A) 12 Regional languages
(B) 13 Regional languages
(C) 14 Regional languages
(D) 18 Regional languages
Ans : (D)

198. No demand for a grant under Article 113 of the Constitution shall be made except on the recommendation of the—
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Speaker of the Parliament
(C) President
(D) Vice-President
Ans : (C)

199. Penicillin was discovered by—
(A) Michael Faraday
(B) Sir Alexander Fleming
(C) William Harvey
(D) Charles Goodyear
Ans : (B)

200. The Chumbi Valley is located in—
(A) Sikkim
(B) Bhutan
(C) Assam
(D) Nagaland
Ans : (B)

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